Menu planning and freezer organization

As my baby is approaching 6 months old, I need to clean out my freezer from all of the foods that I stocked up on shortly before his birth. I try to do this about twice a year so nothing gets freezer burned or gets missed and wasted.

The way I go about it is to inventory my freezer, sometimes a shelf at a time if I need to break it up more. I list what the item is and how much is left (in servings) on my whiteboard for the freezer door. Then in the next two months or so, I’ll put all of the older food into my menu plan. Unfortunately, I do have some occasional “mystery” packages that are unusable, but for the most part, everything is identifiable and gets used.

So tonight was waffles (from the freezer) for my kiddos. I make 6 recipes of batter and cook them all when I make them, and then freeze them in ziplock bags. Then I take out a few and toast them in the toaster and serve. I have one more meal of these, and will schedule it in about two weeks. Then the next time we are in a waffle mood, I’ll need to make more.

Spring cleaning a little early, I guess!


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