I finally found my “kitchen sink”

I finally found my kitchen sink. It’s located in the entryway to my house. Really!

OK, maybe some explanation is appropriate here.

Anyone who is familiar with the Flylady (a motivational website for cleaning and organizing) will know that she encourages you to shine your sink every night. That includes removing dishes, scrubbing it down, and shining it dry. That is not something that motivates me, and in fact, I hated doing it (so I only did it once)!

Every program needs to be tailored to the individual, right? So yesterday, I inadvertantly stumbled upon my “kitchen sink.”  It’s my entryway in my house. The place where shoes, coats, backpacks, and all the miscellaneous stuff of transitioning between the outside and inside is located.

Yesterday, I shook out the rug,  straightened the shoes, put away some lurkers, hung up coats, and swept up about five pounds of dirt, sand, leaves, etc. Then I looked at the space and realized it looked great. All day, I got a little boost when I saw how nice the entryway looked. It made me feel welcoming to guests and made me smile with how nice it looked.

So now I know why the Flylady encourages people to shine their sinks.  That motivates her. I get it now.

And I’ve found my own kitchen sink – in my entryway!


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