Winterizing the house

Our  house needs some work. OK, whose doesn’t? But we moved in when I was about to deliver a baby, so we didn’t get to it last year. Understandable, but costly in terms of heat and AC.

This year, however, is different. I have spent time caulking the windows and doors. My baby’s room is actually a few degrees warmer/cooler than the rest of the house, depending on the weather. There were some really large cracks around the window that I caulked to death! I’m also plastic-ing (excuse my word inventing) the windows to further insulate them. All this before 8 AM!

We are also probably going to get someone to do the insulation in the attic. DH doesn’t feel comfortable doing it, and I am off balance with another blessing swelling my belly. So someone else will tramp through our attic, increasing our measly 4 inches of insulation by at least another foot.

There are all sorts of other projects to be done as well, but they are more cosmetic and thus, will wait. We had no real idea of what was necessary to successfully manage a house before we bought this one last year. Who would have thought so much went into a house? But we are intensely grateful for the house, and the learning experiences, too.


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