Pesach planning: general concepts

My master plan is broken into 6 weeks. Before these 6 weeks, I try to reorganize and sort through closets and drawers so it just needs a real check and quick re-clean, but just in case, room cleaning is scheduled in.

Key points

  • What do you want to get out of the holiday? (My 2011 list includes: Maintaining everyone’s sanity, a comfortably fed family, happy Passover memories for my boys, good learning for all, a safe and healthy baby who arrives in his or her own good time, time to relax as a family and get enough sleep.)
  • What don’t you want to have this season? (2011 for me: No last minute frantic catching up, panic, high expectation, frustration and exhaustion, poor recovery.)
  • Plan to reach goals : (for 2011) Work smart, shop online and ahead of time as much as possible, do all heavy organizing early, keep hametz on main floor early, make basic kosher but not crazy Passover, include family in prep more, let some expectations slide more.

Once you have a basic idea of what you are looking for, it should help direct the whole planning process. What do you want this holiday season?


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