Getting started on Pesach…already!

I have officially started Pesach cleaning (for anyone new to this blog, I’m expecting my fourth child on Pesach, God willing, so starting earlier than ever)! See more on my Pesach planner HERE. We have an upstairs with bedrooms and baths, and I plan to get that done first. It’s easier to keep chametz off that floor than out of common areas, especially with my enthusiastic cheerio toters always at the ready.

My goals for this year’s chag have been set, and although I’m sad about not hosting (our usual plan), I’m looking toward to the larger goals of a sane and prepared household, a healthy baby and Mommy, good food, and a kosher holiday with good memories for all. Down with unnecessary craziness! Wink

So 3 of 4 bedrooms are done, and upstairs baths. Signs posted.

I’ve downloaded a shiur on halachot for Pesach cleaning and prep as a refresher. Going to try and get to it soon to review and plan out when I can manage.

I’ve adjusted my normal 6 week plan backward to get things mostly ready (except kitchen and dining room!) by Purim, when I’ll be 36-37 weeks along (please God!). Menus are on the list, including up to and right after Pesach so I avoid the hungry tummy grumpies, especially from the other people in my family (prior experience tells me this is a good idea!)

Purim is mostly planned, themed costumes purchased, and candy purchased (all on sale!). Still needs some work, but getting there. (I want to enjoy Purim when it comes–maybe something I will take into more “regular” years? Maybe.)

It is a great feeling to be moving toward a prepared, but relaxed and kosher Pesach! Anyone else there going on this yet? What are you doing?


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