A little off track…

So I got a little off track…I caught a tummy bug that left me so dehydrated and ill, I had my first ever visit to a hospital L and D and was admitted overnight for all sorts of IVs and medications (can you say OUCH for IV potassium?!) My tummy is still getting back to normal over a week later.

But life and little boys go on, so we’ve been working through the pantry challenge I set two weeks ago. We bought fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, some meats, and have relied on the pantry and the freezer for the rest. I’m hoping to turn part of my kitchen over in a month or so to cook and prep, so we need to make room!

I’m also starting to buy Pesach things on sale as I find them–the stores are starting to get some stock in. I found some matza meal we use for less than a dollar a pound! I will take advantage of deals as I find them and help spread out the cost. (See more about my Passover planner HERE.)

So I’m a little behind where I anticipated being in my kitchen, but moving along. And I’ll be OK, because I planned some extra time in my schedule because life happens!


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