On track again…mostly…

I had high, high hopes for last month, and big plans. But life, as so often happens, jumped into things! I got sick and was in the hospital (a first ever!), left town for a weekend to visit family, had family come for the next weekend, and then had 9 wonderful but last-minute houseguests the next weekend, followed by a huge snowstorm and several day power outage…needless to say, things got a little crazy!

This week and weekend, we are planning a low-key sanity saving time. We’re not inviting guests for meals, although we have set up playdates for the boys. We are not making big plans for the Sunday or the other days. We’re catching up and catching our collective breath after the whirlwind that has been January.

But time marches on, and we’re almost to the month of Adar. This year, there are two (thank you, God!) and we will make good use of them both as we prep for Purim and Pesach! (See more about my Passover planner HERE.)

So what’s on my goals list for this month?

In short, they are:

  • Taming the pantry, fridge, and freezer beasts
  • Planning and prepping meals AROUND Passover (that don’t need the full kitchen)
  • Getting everything ready for Purim
  • Miscellaneous errands, purchases, and bargain hunting.

More to come on each!


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