Planning meals AROUND Passover

Continuing on with my February/Adar I goals:

  • Taming the pantry, fridge, and freezer beasts
  • Planning and prepping meals AROUND Passover (that don’t need the full kitchen)
  • Getting everything ready for Purim
  • Miscellaneous errands, purchases, and bargain hunting.

We’re up to planning and prepping the meals around Passover. Yes, that’s around, not during! (See more about my Passover planner HERE.)

Sounds silly, right? We can just use whatever we have left, right? But if I don’t plan to have amenable options on hand, it might not happen, and a hungry family (and Mommy) is a grumpy one! We’ll do things like fruits and veggies prepped which are already Pesachdik. But for protein and satiation, we’ll need more!

I plan things that only need to be reheated in the oven, a toaster, slow-cooker, or a rice cooker for the most part, and then I can kept my kitchen moving toward being done. That means waffles or pancakes (toaster), bagels (toaster), rice and veggies (rice cooker), soups or chicken dishes (slow cooker), and casseroles (like enchilada casserole), pans of meatballs, and anything else ready-made (oven). Of course, we also do cold stuff, like sandwiches (cheese, lunch meat, pb, cream cheese, etc.) and cereal, often for lunch and breakfast. So action points for meals around Passover:

  • Consider pre and post Pesach meals that don’t require the kitchen and write them down! (I generally do lists and then choose what we’re in the mood for closer to the right time.)
  • Don’t forget snacks, especially kitniyot or Pesach friendly snacks if you have small kids. Fruit and cheese sticks are your friends!
  • Stock up on things you can that will be needed for snacks and the meals planned (cereal in the pantry, maybe an extra tray of meatballs in the freezer when you make sometime this month)
  • Put a note on anything that may be eaten before it is time 😉 (learned that the hard way!)

Keep up the good work!


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