Miscellaneous prep

Continuing on with my February/Adar I goals:

  • Taming the pantry, fridge, and freezer beasts
  • Planning and prepping meals AROUND Passover (that don’t need the full kitchen)
  • Getting everything ready for Purim
  • Miscellaneous errands, purchases, and bargain hunting.

Last, I’m working on all of the intangible and easy to forget “stuff” that goes into this holiday (see more about my Passover planner HERE). Miscellaneous errands, purchases, etc:

  • Purchase clothing for each child and adult
  • Purchase new kippot and new pjs for the boys (our tradition, not one set in stone!)
  • Purchase 8 new kids’ books, one for each night of the holiday (again, our tradition.)
  • Purchase afikomen presents for each night
  • Stocking up on paper goods: dishes, glasses, plasticware, napkins, toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, heavy duty aluminum foil, and foil pans (don’t want to run out at a crucial time, plus now you can hunt for bargains!)
  • Review stores of kiddie entertainment for seder (bag o’ plagues, costumes for reenactment, etc.)
  • Find kittel and suits for dry cleaning – now or later, but getting them together is a good step!
  • Start including an extra bottle (or two) of wine with weekly shopping (evening out the price over the next few weeks)
  • Watching for the Passover sales and buying loss leaders we will use–they are already starting some things!

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