My general kitchen cleaning plan

Here is an excerpt from my detailed cleaning plan–this is our whole kitchen. Please take it and make it your own. 😉

Kitchen (**Remember sink/stove/microwave need to rest 24 hours after being cleaned before being koshered.** Will take a day, about 8 hours otherwise—but plan for the rest time.)

1 day ahead of big turnover:

o   Stovetop: First, run fan for a minute or two to dislodge anything. Wipe fan and mesh down, using cleaner. Clean grates, remove and soak knobs and other pieces on burners, and clean bottom thoroughly. Line bottom with heavy duty foil first, then replace burner components, knobs, and grates (Wait for 24 hour rest after cleaning.)

o   Microwave: (Some don’t allow) Wipe out microwave. For stuck on stuff, put a GLASS (clear glass!) bowl inside with water and boil a few minutes, let steam sit and then wipe again. Can use dishwasher to clean off the glass tray on bottom. (24 hr rest required after cleaning)

o   Sink: Clean thoroughly, including running disposal with disposal cleaner and cleaning faucet and drains (running drains through dishwasher is fine.) Do not use with hot water/hot things for 24 hours. (Use bathroom sink if needed.)

***Kashering day!***

o   Wash in washing machine: All dishcloths, dishtowels, bibs, aprons, pot holders, tablecloths, cloth napkins, highchair padding, rug  (don’t dry rug or padding, all others dryer).

o   Table: Wipe down well and cover with plastic (elasticized tablecloth)

o   Chairs/bench: Wipe down, including backs and spokes

o   High chair: Remove padding (and bibs) and machine wash. Wash trays top and bottom–line if you do so. Wipe down entire chair including sides, foot rest, and legs.

o   Pet’s food bowl, tray; wipe and refill with Pesach food

o   Certain cabinets should be taped off and marked. Others should be cleaned and lined (paper and cleaning).

o   Wipe down glass doors, refrigerator, and any fingerprints or visible smears on the walls

o   Put away all scrubbers and sponges

o   Clean off outside of microwave

o   Counters: Clear off completely and cover with plastic pieces (marked from last year–or get some and mark for next year). Tape down all along, including around sinks.  If you have stone or certain other types, you can kasher depending. CYLOR

o   Wipe down walls behind the counters and stove

o   Put away mixer, food processor, utensils, oils, dishrack, snacks, parve pans, etc.

o   Clean/line drawers and cupboards you will use. Also mark as pesachdik. (I have specifics about my kitchen here in my version.)

o   Tape off all other drawers and cabinets, and mark to make clear.

o  DISHWASHER: For some–again, ask your Rav!

o   REFRIGERATOR: Remove the shelves, drawers, and trays and run through the dishwasher or wash by hand, then wipe down insides and shelves. Some people do line, some don’t line, but leave spaces for air to flow! Consolidate everything to keep that isn’t Pesachdik and tape it off with foil if your minhag allows.

o   FREEZER: Empty to extra freezer (or seal away non-Pesach stuff) except ice cube trays, which should be emptied and cleaned. Wipe entire inside (top and bottom) and racks.

o   OVEN: Wipe down ovens, including door, seal, cracks, etc and remove bottom liners. Self-clean will take care of small things, but get rid of big ones. Self-clean cycle for both, 1 hour or more. Wipe out ash, line with new liner, done! (no wait needed because self- cleaning). Wipe outside.

o   Garbage can: wipe down inside and out, replace bag when kitchen turned over.

o   STOVE: After 24 hour rest, run all burners on high for a few minutes until glowing. Wipe bottom and top of fan and light.

o   MICROWAVE: After 24 hour rest, boil water in GLASS bowl again, 5 minutes, until microwave is full of steam. Done!

o   SINK: Last thing in kitchen, after 24 hours free from heat. Pour boiling water from kettle over entire surface of sink.

o   FLOORS: remove mats and wash down, preferably outside. Sweep or vacuum thoroughly, then mop, scrubbing at any spots. Replace mats only when dry.

o Take a PICTURE for remembering how things go in future years

Last, take a seat and relax…before the cooking begins. 😉


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