Cooking day today!

The ovens are cleaned, the stovetop is covered, my sink is prepped, and my table is ready. Passover cooking, here I come!

At the request of some people, here is what I will be feeding my freezer today iyh:

  • roasted eggplant dip
  • zhug (spicy pepper relish)
  • 2 sweet potato pies (regular chametz recipe we like, small amount of flour to sub for matza cake meal.)
  • 2 spiced beef/lamb minas (Sephardic meat pies; ground meat with cinnamon, allspice, herbs, raisins, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things.)
  • 2 spinach puddings (kugels/quiches)
  • pan of potato latkes
  • 2 pans of lamb stew
  • 4 servings each chicken: sweet and sour, spiced, and maybe grape juice or another kind (raw)
  • 4 lbs raw meatballs
  • quadruple batch chocolate chip cookies (my regular recipe, but half matza cake meal and half nut flour substituted for the flour)
  • big pan lemon bars
  • 3 coffee cakes

I’ll also be prepping some things in advance, including:

  • chopping /grinding nuts (for things like charoset)
  • chopping and sauteeing onions (for freezer)
  • chopping and freezing garlic

Busy day ahead! This should cover the bulk of our Passover needs so we can all enjoy ourselves and meet our newest addition iyh with peace and sanity. I couldn’t even plan it without a WONDERFUL husband who will be taking the three young boys out for a Daddy-son day of fun so I can work without distraction.

And off I go…


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