My “get up and go”…

…has gotten up and gone. Without me, that is. Or so it seems tonight.

Being in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy is hard. Being close to Passover with little kids (AKA crumb-makers and de-organizers) is hard. Being a homeschooling mom with little kids home all day, working part time from home, managing the house, trying to work through dissertation red tape, etc…is hard. Added together, it’s HARD!

I’m trying to find the peace that I always imagine I will have at the end of my pregnancies as I await this particular baby. As usual, I’m raring to be done in my head–being zen is just NOT me. I’m a planner, and the waiting game is really hard. Apparently, I’m not alone–I just read that elective, non-medically driven inductions are up to a ridiculous rate (something like 15% in general, with some hospitals reporting as high as 44%?! *) for weeks 37 and 38–“early term” babies. While we are most certainly an on-demand society in general, those numbers shocked me!

While being done being pregnant and having my baby in arms (and my aching back magically healed) sounds AWESOME, I’m reminding myself why I’m leaving this in bigger, more knowledgeable hands. My baby’s health, the ease of delivery and recovery, less complications overall…and the fact that I seriously doubt my midwives would induce just because I’m feeling beaten down and sore! πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, baby is growing and we’ve made a deal that he or she will emerge as soon as they are ready. Preferably before my due date. But somehow, I’ll find to strength to last. The toy surprise at the end is just too good to endanger because I’m in a hurry! πŸ™‚

Hoping you have more energy and less exhaustion, dear reader. Because this normally organized and generally ahead-of-the-curve Mama is going to bed early!

*Source is the April 2011 Edition of American Baby magazine


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