Pregnancy mindgames

The last weeks of pregnancy are a total mind game…I’m full term!…It could be today…What was that twinge?..Is that a real contraction, or just more practice?…etc., etc., etc.

I think the end of pregnancy is a way to show the pregnant woman that you don’t have control over much, and that “much” will get even smaller shortly as a(nother) small person with demands, needs, and their own ideas makes an appearance. But the waiting is so hard!

I know several readers are in the same boat, and I’m wishing you more grace than I have been able to stir up. I’m not handling it as poorly as I did with my first (when the midwife kept saying any time from 36 weeks and got my hopes WAY up while my baby was ready on his due date!), but I am still not the zen mama whose trust in God above and the wisdom he has given my baby and my body is unshakable.

Last night, the practice contractions made me think it might be the real thing, and it’s scary and exciting and frustrating when it’s not. But the end is in sight! B’shaa tova (at a good time) to all!


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