1 week to go: Kitchen cleaning and turnover cooking

1 week to go: Kitchen cleaning and turnover cooking (Regular Pesach, 2011: April 10-15)

(See more about my Passover planner HERE. Week 6 is the first in the series of lists.)

This is the week where all of your careful planning and scheduling come together. No one likes to have the kitchen done too early and eat Pesach food for an extra week! It’s a balancing act between getting enough time to do the job right and not losing your mind.

Dining Room

  • Clean
  • Cover counter top/sideboard
  • Clean/kasher/cover blech
  • Clean hot water kettle
  • Tape off cupboards, drawers, etc
  • Double cover table
  • Wipe down chairs, including cracks and seams of seats
  • Put chametz crockpot, serving pieces, dishes, etc. away


  • Clean and kasher according to plan (see separate post for planning ideas)
  • Tape off cabinets and fridge shelf with chametz, mark
  • Clean fridge shelves and reline if needed
  • Empty and clean freezer (often moved earlier if I’ve had the chance to prepare food earlier)

Shop for anything remaining except fresh produce/meat desired fresh. Check orders of these, if needed.

Check your cups for volume! Depending upon your minhag, there is a certain amount you need to have in each of the 4 cups of wine/grape juice you drink at the seder. Do your cups hold that much? (Too much is also a problem because you have to drink the majority of the cup you have no matter what size, so those extra ounces can add up quickly!)

Cook and freeze food according to plan (see food prep planning post)

Laundry (we don’t normally do laundry on Passover, so everything should be clean at the start!)

Haircuts for all who will need (We don’t normally get haircuts for the next month (during the Omer), so do it while you can.)

Tovel (dip in mikvah) anything you haven’t done yet.

Hang in there! The end is in sight!


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