1 week to go, and still buying chametz!

I went out to the grocery store tonight. Mostly for produce, especially fruit, which we go through at an amazing rate! But I also got some non-passover snack-type things that my kiddos love. I got comments on how brave I was to be buying chametz still…at 1 week to go.

Really? Brave? I guess I prefer to eat regular foods until the time to stop has come. Now, I’m not buying certain really crumby or messy things, but I got some rice cakes (2 boys’ favorite snack), donuts (Shabbat morning treat, to be served outside), and a few other things along with the melon, apples, grapes, and kiwi. But brave?

It’s interesting to me how long Passover has stretched out in people’s minds. It used to be much simpler in simpler times – with only a pot or two to kasher and little food storage, things were much different. Now, there are people who already are completely kashered for Pesach! Not that eating Passover food is a punishment, but there is so much that we deny ourselves unnecessarily. We shouldn’t be adding the the requirements. Some is necessary, yes, but how much is really what’s in question.

At times like these, I’m grateful for menu planning, which allows us to eat things we like until the time we actually have to stop. The kitchen, iyh, will be cleaned and kashered Thursday and Friday, but we will still use chametz things: our crockpot, our toaster (waffles are a pre-pesach tradition reheated in the toaster), and pre-baked challah.We’ll likely be eating our meals on Sunday, and possibly Shabbat, al fresco, but that’s part of the adventure.

We’ll enjoy our chametz until the end, probably finishing off those donuts before the Monday morning deadline with just enough time for brushing our teeth, thank you very much.  😉


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