3 days to go.

3 days to go: (Regular Pesach, 2011: April 16 evening and  17 – schedule this year makes shorter than normal)

(See more about my Passover planner HERE. Week 6 is the first in the series of lists.)

Stay calm and continue with your plans. Redemption is almost here–the end is in sight!

-Continue to follow schedule to prep food and freeze

-Be sure to feed your family according to your menu plan–avoid those grumpies!

-Prep search and biur (remember your traditions! e.g. defrost taken challah, find lulav, candle wicks, etc…)

-Tape off basement closets and freezer, anything else needed to be sold-and mark!

-Shop for produce and meat, anything else last minute–but don’t stock up too much on the sweets!

-Get fresh flowers to brighten up the house.

-Check times for the last time for chametz, time for biur, for candle lighting each day, and any other times you need. Write on erev Pesach checklist.

-Follow up with guests to remind and get any last minute information

-Laundry (we don’t normally do laundry on Passover, so everything should be clean at the start!)

-Haircuts for all if you haven’t yet (we don’t normally get haircuts for a little over a month after this!)


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