Erev Pesach checklist

Here is my erev Pesach checklist. I originally got it from a Jewish homemaking listserve. I have modified it to suit me – please do the same! These things do not all need to be done today, but they are things that need to be done BY today. I also find listing all the times together helps me keep track. Here we go!


Stop eating chometz; brush teeth by______AM

Burn chometz by _____AM

Sell chometz; all locked away: by  _____AM

Candlelighting: by _____PM

Food: cook/check ready

Matzah Ball Soup x 2 nights

Hardboiled eggs – 1 doz

Lamb stew

Potato Kugel

Side kugel (spinach/broccoli/squash)

Boil Potato (Karpas)

Check/cut up salads

Cookies / dessert

Other to do:

Grocery if needed

Chill wine and bring up grape juice for seder

Final vacuuming

Empty vacuum bin

Laundry: fold and  put away last load

Dust as needed

Dishes/pots clean!

Bathroom shined

Call family members to wish a happy Pesach

Set table (picture if time! Of course, those with young children may need to wait longer to actually set the table or the kiddo may pull the whole tablecloth down onto themselves. Ahem. Hypothetical, of course.)

Set out hagadot and pillows for leaning

Bathe kids (and take the time to smell their shining, clean hair!)

Haircuts (as needed – preferably several days earlier!)

Cut nails


Prepare candles x 2 nights

Lights (set lights and timers)

Tear paper towels and tp

Empty Kitchen Garbage

Coins into tzedaka bank

Sweep Kitchen Floor

Check “public” bathroom for clean towels and surfaces

Prepare for SEDER

Set up on seder plate:

Charoset (apples, cinnamon, dates, etc.)

Zeroa (Roasted shankbone)

Baytza (Roasted egg)

Maror (Grate fresh)

Lettuce (Check for bugs)

Karpas (Parsley/Romaine)

And other things to prepare:

Salt Water (Mix before Yom Tov)

Check Matzos (3 or more shmura need to be whole!)

Set up plata/blech

Fill hot water urn

Get out matza cover, Eliyahu’s cup, afikomen bag, etc.

Set up timers as needed

Turn off or put away cellphone / computer/ electronics

Put away camera

Set Shabbat lamps in bedrooms

Check thermostat

Prep new toys/books – make sure they are easily accessible

Set out pjs for smaller kids so when they crash, it’s ready!

Drink and eat something

Enter Pesach a FREE woman (or man)!


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