Prepping the Shavout wardrobe/gifts

On Yom Tov, we rejoice! What does that mean? It has been clarified that we eat better meals with more choices, we rest from “work,” and there are gifts. A husband should get a new piece of clothing or jewelry for his wife, and we get something special for children: food treats, a new toy, new clothing, etc.

For Pesach, we get matching PJs for each child as well as a new outfit for Shabbat or Yom Tov. Because Pesach wasn’t that long ago, we usually don’t need either, and we use the opportunity for dairy treats, family candy making l’kavod yom tov, and/or a new toy they have been wanting.

You can choose to get whatever works for your family, but if you’re going to order it online, now is the time! You want to be sure it gets there in time. Now off to my own shopping…


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