Quenching thirst in a world-friendly way

Recently, I bought the 5 oldest people in our family their own water bottle (I got these). Each person has their own color, and we fill them as necessary and leave them on the kitchen table all day. I wash them at least once a week in a sani wash. This has been a very good thing for several reasons:

  • We drink more water since it’s easily accessible
  • We save time – the kids can all (even my 22 month old) get themselves a drink when they are thirsty, no adult needed!
  • We waste less (no paper cups, broken glass, or wasted water washing each cup each person takes each time they get a drink)
  • We don’t have fighting over whose cup is whose (or most likely, who knocked over someone else’s cup).

A good decision all around, I would say!


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