The other homeschooling socialization

One major concern that people bring up about homeschooling is socialization. I don’t think that is usually a problem with the playdates and homeschooling groups out there. Kids do not exist in a kid vacuum!

But there is another socialization that is important and easily overlooked: the Mommy’s! It can be really hard to keep up with life, whether homeschooling or not. But add in educating your children at home and all that goes with it (from shopping for supplies to lessons, prepping for reviews to coordinating projects) and it gets even harder to keep up. Any time during the day with relative quiet goes to other things, like phone calls for business things (car repair appointment, swim lessons coordinator) or chesed work (I coordinate a lot of new baby meals). Or things like straightening the house and maybe even sitting down to a meal myself!

Since I became a homeschooling mom, things like calling friends and even e-mailing have been hard to do. If I’d call during the day (when other moms have their kids in school), someone would likely be shouting–most likely one of my two under 2, but still. So it falls to after bed time, which means it doesn’t get done because by the time the kids get down and I get myself together, it’s too late! I e-mail, but actually socializing is hard!

I had noticed this trouble connecting with a homeschooling family that we know well, and had actually been frustrated by it. Now it’s me, trying hard not to do it but falling behind.

What do other homeschooling moms do?


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