General weekly menu plan

Menu planning around here is casual but critical, and so different from how I started married life! I have a set group of things to keep in the house, and then I see what else we have and what’s on sale, and use that to base my menus on. Plus I have a backup list of quick no-fail meals with ingredients always on hand in case of need. 🙂

Mommy isn’t a morning person, so if we do cooked breakfast foods, it’s usually at dinner: pancakes, eggs, etc. But I have breakfast food on hand and we choose what we want: yogurt, cereal with milk, fruit, etc. Lunches get a general list to choose from and we go with what we can, depending on the mood and actual schedule. Dinners are planned based on a general theme:

Mondays: Leftovers (AKA CORN: Clean Out Refrigerator Night)

Tuesday: New recipe

Thursdays: Pasta and Breadsticks

Fridays: Fancy meat dinner (Shabbat/Sabbath meal)

Saturdays: Lunch is our big meal, usually meat, and depends on season

It doesn’t always happen like that, but that is the goal!


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