Menu plan Monday

After some debate, I have adjusted my weekly template. It’s so hard to get a new recipe in on Tuesday with summer, travel, kids, etc. that for now, I’m changing it to breakfast for dinner (BFD) night! I also have some frozen ground beef I need to start using, so there is more than normal in my plan. Here we go:

Breakfasts and lunches remain the same


Monday: CORN (Clean Out Refrigerator Night)

Tuesday: BFD: Omelettes

Wednesday: Taco soup and chips

Thursday: Pasta, sauces (including peanut sauce), and garlic cheese sticks

Friday: Challah, salads, Moroccan fish balls, sweet and sour meatballs, rice, cauliflower popcorn, and chocolate lasagna

Saturday: Challah, salads, chamin and jachnoon, cauliflower popcorn, spinach quiche, and chocolate lasagna


  • Brunch: French toast casserole
  • Dinner: Gazpacho, bean, rice, and cheese enchiladas

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