Why has life become so crazy for many of us?

We run frantically from activity to activity, bring home bags of food and goods from stores, and store closets of things “just in case.” Our culture values stuff, and we obliging collect it!

How many extra pairs of shoes do you have? How many unread books–or those you won’t read again? How many kitchen appliances that you rarely if ever use? What takes up your storage space?

What’s worth keeping and what’s not? It’s something that I struggle with. I have every size of kids clothing stored (but have had three boys going through them), maternity and nursing clothes (used 4 times in the past 7 years), and then different sizes of clothing as I go up and down in sizes. It feels like so much, but I use them with my pregnancies and kids!

I constantly worry about throwing things into the Goodwill bin because I might need them–but I actually might. Plus my wardrobe needs have changed. I don’t need quite so much professional clothing in different sizes. I need to let go of some of it and lighten up.

Then there are the things I use only on occasion – waffle maker, griddle, and more. What’s worth keeping?

Still working on that. All of this stuff can really weigh a person down! I’m planning on setting up a bag goal when I get back from my family’s house. Anyone want to join?


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