Tisha B’Av is coming!

Tisha B’Av is the day where we remember the many bad things that happened to Jews on this day, most particularly, the terrible loss of the holy Temples. It is a whole day fast from sundown to sundown, approximately 25 hours.

First, DRINK. Drink a lot, starting a few days before the fast. Everyone should be getting themselves as fully hydrated as possible to best get through the upcoming fast. It’s long and hot, so it’s a hard fast.

Second, now is a good time to come up with pre- and post- fast meals. You can make your meal plan and set up your shopping list to get done over the weekend. Since we’re in the 9 days before this fast, they should be dairy or parve. I like soup for both because of the liquid content, but this seems to vary widely by family.

Another meal to prepare for is a ritual pre-fast meal: a hardboiled egg dipped in ashes (for the ashes, we use well done toast).

Third, think about what will happen on the day itself: at first, you’ll sit on the floor, a low stool, or the couch without cushions. The kids will need feeding and entertaining (with no electricity restrictions, but appropriate content for this somber day). Adults may need something appropriate for reading. Everyone needs non-leather shoes.

Preparation ahead of the day makes this hard day much easier. Take the time to do it, for you and your family.

May we all soon be celebrating with a feast instead of a fast!


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