Monday: Menu plan for the week

I’m working on a pantry/fridge/freezer challenge. So here we go!

Monday: CORN (AKA Clean Out the Refrigerator Night): We have leftover sweet and sour meatball sandwiches (on challah rolls), some sides, and other odds and ends.

Tuesday: been, cheese, and rice enchiladas (several cans of enchilada sauce in my pantry and bags of beans and rice in my freezer)

Wednesday: beef kabobs (from frozen ground beef)

Thursday: Pasta and breadsticks (extra canned tomatoes and my kids’ favorite dinner night)

Friday: Challah, salads (roasted eggplant, hummus, zhug, olive tapenade (fish)), kung pao chicken (frozen) and rice, lemon cream cake

Shabbat lunch: Challah, salads, gazpacho, sweet and sour chicken (frozen raw in sauce), spinach kugel (frozen from…ahem…Pesach) , lemon cream cake

Sunday: Bagels (frozen) with cream cheese or peanut butter / Salmon (Frozen)

Breakfasts here in our blessed house are usually yogurt with toppings, cereal with milk, and sometimes thawed muffins like my spiced pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Lunches this week will be some of my frozen tv dinners, sandwiches, and gazpacho from last Shabbat.


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