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Apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah…and so much more!

It’s time to start thinking about Rosh Hashanah in more concrete terms. It’s a three day Yom Tov this year! I’ve already seen the sale of seats and even lulav and etrog/esrog, so it’s not too early. It’s rosh hodesh Elul!

Here is what I’ve done or am planning to do so far this week:

  • order seats for shul
  • pay shul dues (ours have always been due about now for the different shuls we’ve belonged to in our travels)
  • consider and probably order lulav and etrog for dh (still looking for less expensive “learning” one(s) for ds7 and ds4.5)
  • new tzitzit for ds 7 and ds 4.5
  • order pjs for all 4 kids (our tradition–they are always needed around this turn of the seasons!)
  • order/find needed clothing for kids: adjustable waist Shabbat pants for ds7, additional pjs for ds 4.5, new dressy outfits for all
  • purchase new special something for kids–legos? clics? Something to add to their simcha (joy).
  • order/find new something for me (outfit? tichel?)
  • check with dh about his clothing needs
  • take care of kittel, if your dh wears one for Yom Kippur
  • plan our Rosh Hashanah homeschooling lessons and projects
  • plan menu (but with all the simanim (special, ritual foods) we use, that’s a whole post by itself!)

Time to think about clothing

The end of summer is approaching, and onto fall and winter we go!

Now is the time to start looking through your closets and drawers. Does anyone need a new size of clothes? Do you have enough of the warm clothes they will soon need?

I need to find/borrow/buy the next size up for my 7 year old, fill in a few holes for my almost 5 year old, do almost nothing for my 2 year old and inventory all the baby clothing we’ve been given to see what we need for my 3 month old. Plus my dh and I need a few basics.

After you’ve gone through the clothing, start thinking about new clothes for Yom Tov. That’s right, the high holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot are right around the corner! It’s a time for new clothing and/or jewelry, and knowing what you need can help you fill in holes in each wardrobe without buying the 15th button down shirt your kiddo won’t wear. That’s easier on the budget, your organization, and your clutter threshold!

So start to think about this, and get a day set up on your to-do list for this item.

Countdown to the high holidays begins

That’s right, the high holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot are right around the corner! Okay, they start with Rosh Hashanah in 6 weeks from today, but we’ve already heard talk of invites around here, so it’s good to be aware that they approach.

I’m going to be walking through this, but time to start thinking now. Will you want guests or family time? Do you need to order anything online (clothes, toys, honey jar, lulav and etrog/esrog, etc)? Any traditional activities you set time aside for (apple picking, chesed)? Did you buy your seats, if your shul has sent something out already?

Just get started thinking about it so when it comes closer, you’ll have the mental foundation laid.